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Hyaluronic Treatment | Formula from Itally

What is Hyaluronic ?

Hyaluronic acid, also known as “Hyaluronan”.  It is relevant in tissue repair therefore it is a natural and important component of skin. Hyaluronic acid able to hold moisture than any other natural or synthetic polymer.  The fantastic of this ingredient is because of one gram of hyaluronic acid capable to hold up six liters of water.  Therefore, hyaluronic acid can enhance the moisture level which is also strengthen the barrier of skin.



Why is hyaluronic acid so important for skin?

Due to our age, the skin moisture layer reducing and resulting in loss of firmness.  Besides the age increasing, the sensitive skin to acne and sunburn lead to destroy skin barrier also.   Thus, the function of Hyaluronic acid is useful for fixed or minimize the problems and issues which is repairing tissue for damage skin.  Although sensitive skin, it can help for rebuilding the barrier as well.  Further, it rapidly fill back wrinkles and keep elasticity, making the skin becomes radiant and flawless.